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Wassenaar, Boys Bedrooms

Wassenaar, NL

Interior Design

A playful and fun challenge to design the bedrooms for two adventurous young boys. 

The brief was to create timeless and transitional spaces which complemented the boys’ personalities - where they could play and do their homework - but also aligned with the parents’ own sense of style.

In both rooms, we incorporated plenty of storage space with the addition of shelves and a playful peg storage system to display their favourite toys, medals and trophies.  For the elder child we complemented his love of maps and the sea by selecting a nautical theme wallpaper in a cool blue, and then anchored the space with a sophisticated dark timber bed.

In the younger boy’s room he was ready to transition into a bigger bed, so we incorporated a full size bed with under-drawer storage, to easily hide the clutter.  We reflected his fun, exploratory personality and kept it cool and cosy with a modern green wall colour complemented with natural textured fabrics for the blinds and curtains, to maintain longevity and keep the design theme consistent. 

Project Gallery

Photographer: Tom Sullam

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